The playful fjord

There truly is nothing better than seeing your horse run around like a happy idiot. I’m selling my treeless saddle to afford an academic saddle that I have reserved (can’t wait to get it!), and thought I could do something a bit more creative than just taking a few photos of it with my phone. So I put it on Mie, sent her out on the arena. My friend, Stine, was there to make sure she didn’t stop to eat while I was taking the pictures.

Mie seemed to have a lot of energy and ran happily around, threw in a few bucks and some jumps and made sure that I would get some pretty amazing photos.



We took off the saddle after a couple of minutes after I was sure I got some footage of it that I could use. Watching your horse playing like that completely without any equipment is just wonderful. It strengthens your bond as its playful personality shines through. I realised that this is something I have to do more often – just play. We have already done that a couple of times, two times without a lead rope, but differently. It was a game, and she was going to follow me. Yes, we had fun, but not like this, and yes, it felt like we both were laughing together, but still not like this. This, today, was just pure happiness.







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