How to ruin a photo

Follow these 8 simple steps on how to ruin a photo and get that perfect picture you’ve always wanted! Laughter and awkwardness guaranteed.

Step 1 – Be in it


Step 2 – Eat when not appropriate


Step 3 – Show no emotion whatsoever


Step 4 – Smile while concentrating.
You will automatically get that little twinkle in your eyes.


Step 5 – Told you, smiling while concentrating gives you that perfect look!


Step 6 – Be a fat, little pony
Preferably a fjord horse as shown in the picture. Make sure your neck doesn’t show too much, so it seems like your head is attached directly to your shoulders.


Step 7 – Embrace your belly fat
Try a new posture; shoulders forward, breasts hanging down and show off that belly fat!


Step 8 – Be awkward


Og derfor er jeg fotograf og ikke modell.


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